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Curriculum Vitae

Effie LADA, was born in a small village in Peloponnese, Greece. She studied painting with the well-known Greek painter Yorgo Voyatzis. She has participated in collective painting exhibitions. Illustration of children's book has always been her main interest, and she has exclusively been working in that field since 1991.
She has illustrated covers of many books and has published more than 60 books.
She is a member of the non-profit organization: Plant Your Roots in Greece, has done voluntary work for the "Children's Village S.O.S." designing Christmas cards and is a member of the " Circle of the Greek Children's Book" and the "Women's Group for Literature".Member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illystrators (SCBWI )
*Ιn 1998 she participated as an illustrator in the 15η Mostra internationale d' illustrazione per l' infanzia in Sarmede, Italy, with the book "The emperor's new clothes".
*In 2004 she participated in the International Illustrators Exhibition, in Bologna. with the title: " bareffot pictures"
*On January 26th – February 5th, 2005 was held her exclusive exhibition in Athens (Gazi, 100 Piraeus Str.) under the title: Once upon a time in Athens... under the auspice of the Municipality of the city of Athens and the sponsoring of Livanis Publications.
*In 2005, she designed the stage for the musical performance of the Irish tale "The Christmas Cuckoo", held on (14-18 December) at the Music Hall of Thessaloniki.
Her book "Infanta's Birthday" (Patakis Publications) was translated in Italian and Korean.bio1
*In 2006 her book "Sundays in the park" was nominated for the National Illustration Award.
*2008-2009 Participation in the 26th international exhibition of Illustrations.
18th October-21st December 2008, Sarmede.
2009: Verona, Monza, Siena, Vicenza
*2009: Illustration award from the Circle of the Greek Children's Book for the book "A rain of stars"
*Her name was written on the honorary board of IBBY for the illustration of the book "A rain of stars"
*Nomination for the "Diavazo" award for the book "A rain of stars".
*2009: Individual exhibition at the Black Duck Gallery with the title "Fairytales under the roofs"
*2009. "A Rain of Stars" nominated for the State Prize for Children's Book Illustration (short list).
*2010. Nomination for the 2011, Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award *2010.Nomination for the 2012, Hans Christian Andersen Award